Sneak Peek: The APM Racing Scion FR-S

We get so accustomed to it, that wild looking Daytona Prototype, the insane Project Nemo from WTAC, Chris Rado’s F-Wing tC from GTA, these cars are insane looking race cars. We start to think, we need loads of aero, super-trick suspensions, one-off, $400,000 turbocharged engines, and electronics that do everything from steer the car better to making the driver feel better. The reality is, race cars don’t have to be that complicated. They don’t even have to be restricted to a spec-class to be affordable.

When I first looked at the APM Racing Scion FR-S, I thought “really, this damn thing is nearly bone stock! Where’s the story?” However, as I continued to take pictures and the guys that built and raced the car reflected the events in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill it occurred to me. My definition of a race car had been so twisted by the magical cars that compete in Time Attack that I forgot what a race car really is. Simplicity is beauty and this FR-S has it.

First, let’s start off with some of the things that don’t make it a race car. For example, the body; if you took all of the decals off and fixed some of the damage, you’d still have a FR-S. Seriously, there is no body kit on this car except what came stock from Scion.


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