Audi Expects A3 Sedan To Be Strong Seller

Audi is spending serious bucks to get production up and going on a slate of new models. The German automaker just sold $1.6 billion in bonds to get the funds it needs to get rolling, and one of the future stars should be the 2015 A3 sedan.

Audi is betting big on this new compact four door, and it predicts that the car will outsell the hatchback and convertible versions that already exist. The volume A3 could help lead the way to that global domination that Audi is hunting down.

Per Bloomberg, Audi boss Rupert Stadler believes that the new A3 will be a major part of new growth for the automaker. It should be too, since it opens up the brand to a wider audience than the higher spec models. Additionally, Audi will reportedly offer the A3 in a wide range of models to suit a wide range of A3 customers. On the horizon we could see the A3 arrive in Sportback, Diesel, and even plug in Hybrid forms.

The A3 sedan wont make it to the states for another year, but we are eager to get our hands on the newest member of the Audi lineup. It will be an important vehicle with regards to the automakers future, and we cant wait to see if its up to the task.


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