2013 Honda CR-Z Revealed, Promises More Powah

The Honda CR-Z coupe is supposed to be the sporty hybrid every green-minded man in America wants. Instead though, Honda delivered a car with so-so gas mileage and so-so power, failing to live up to expectations of a frugal-minded CRX hot hatchback. But the 2013 Honda CR-Z gets a new look, and more importantly, more power.

Just how much more, we don’t know yet, but the new front fascia is a step in the right direction. Honda has released just the one picture you see above, saying that the CR-Z’s interior and exterior has been revised, but failing to detail those revisions (at least at this point).

I can tell you that the tri-bar plastic upper grille is gone, leading to a smoother-looking front end. The headlights also appear to have been upgraded, possibly with LED lamps. Without getting specific, it was also mentioned that the 2013 Honda CR-Z will get a horsepower adjustment for both the gasoline engine and electric motor, without sacrificing fuel economy. To be honest, the fuel eonomy was never that great, especially for a hybrid.

I was hoping Honda found a way to boost both power and fuel eonomy, though it seems the former won out. Which isn’t at all a bad thing. Many reviews needled the CR-Z for its lack of pep, so more power could make the CR-Z more attractive to younger buyers. Then again, the people who need a two-seat hatchback hybrid are few and far between these days.

I am afraid to say it, but the CR-Z looks to have a long road ahead unless Honda makes some serious changes. We’ll find out if those changes are drastic enough at next week’s official reveal of the 2013 Honda CR-Z.

Source: www.crztuners.com/forum/news-announcements/298-2013-honda-cr-z-revealed-promises-more-powah.html

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