Next Hyundai Genesis Coupe Engine: V6 Turbo or V8

In an interview with Automobile Magazine, Hyundai Motor America’s CEO John Krafcik revealed new details about the next generation Genesis, including the Coupe, confirming that the Korean sports car is moving up in the world.

Krafcik’s comments fuel the rumors suggesting the next Genesis Coupe will get a V8 engine; probably the current TAU 5.0 liter V8 out of the Genesis R-Spec.Hyundai has been playing with the idea of a V8-powered Genesis Coupe for a while, and the reason they didn’t make it, according to John, is because their V8 won’t fit properly in the Coupe’s engine bay.

However, he doesn’t rule out the possibility of a new V6 engine. It will be smaller than the current engine – 3.0 liter instead of 3.8 – but feature forced induction in form of one or maybe even two turbochargers.

Krafcik also confirms launch of a new Genesis sedan and also a new Sonata next year, while a revised Equss is being prepared to be released this Spring. He also hints at a four-door coupe.


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